Our partnerships

There are several ways to leverage new business opportunities within LiveChat Partner Program. You can join the Program as:

  • Affiliate Partner and promote LiveChat by sharing referral links. You’ll get a 20% fixed, recurring commission for every client you help us get. For as long as they stay with us!

  • Solution Partner and apply LiveChat subscriptions to projects you run for your end clients. Become a value added LiveChat reseller, create custom integrations to expand our ecosystem or offer LiveChat-based outsourcing services. You’ll even get a chance expose your professional background in fron of LiveChat client base and over 600,000 monthly website visitors!

Who we partner up with

Here at LiveChat Partner Program, we are open for cooperation with everyone! Whether you are a freelance marketer, developer or interactive agency representative - we have plenty of ideas how to team up with you.

We join forces with one-man businesses and big companies. Among our partners you’ll find SEM experts, bloggers, and Social Media superstars, as well as business leaders, online entrepreneurs, and app creators.

As a LiveChat Partner, you can increase your bottom line and generate extra revenue. It takes you to:

  • Refer new customers to LiveChat,
  • Become a LiveChat value added reseller,
  • Provide services around our software (installation, customization,ROI optimization, lead generation, trainings, etc.),
  • Develop custom integrations and monetize them,
  • Build up the ecosystem of LiveChat features,
  • Base your Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) on LiveChat solutions.

You can of course find your own unique way to cooperate with us. Feel free to give any idea a try!

Get listed on LiveChat Experts Marketplace

All of our Partners have an opportunity to become certified LiveChat Experts. This means, they can get their companies’ profiles listed on LiveChat Experts Marketplace.

The Marketplace is a space where LiveChat Partners can expose their professional background. We built it so that you could offer your services to over 22,000 paying customers and over 600,000 unique monthly visitors of LiveChat website.

To become a LiveChat Expert, you should stay up to date with our solutions and actively implement LiveChat subscriptions to your projects. Keep your partner account active and enjoy new prospects coming your way directly from The Marketplace!

Partner Panel

To make your activity in Partner Program as convenient as it gets, we built a simple yet user-friendly dashboard. It allows you keep track of your results in real time; create new campaigns; manage your customers’ subscriptions (if applied); and unleash your fullest potential as a LiveChat Partner.

Educational resources

We do understand your thirst for inspiration. That’s why we come up with fresh educational content on a weekly basis. We also release newsletters to help you become a better marketer and promoter of our solutions. Build up your knowledge with us!

Once you sign up, the partner-only communication starts. We’ll keep you up to date with LiveChat updates and relevant online marketing tips.

Amplify your business with us and remember, we’re here for you to talk things over. Get in touch via chat or email.

Partner Program Terms