Getting started

LiveChat Affiliate Program

As a LiveChat Affiliate Partner, your task is to market LiveChat according to your expertise and professional background. Once you set your partner account, you’ll get your own unique referral link.

Then, it’s your job to make use of your affiliate link and find efficient ways to promote LiveChat. Test various strategies or adopt the one you are absolutely sure of.

Need some industry insights or additional information about our product to make this cooperation work? Feel free to reach out!

By default, affiliate links direct customers to LiveChat’s main page. They include unique Partner ID parameter so that we can track which leads you sent our way.

However, you can create customized campaigns and enhance your affiliate links by applying additional dynamic parameters like:

  • LiveChat trial extension,
  • Discount on LiveChat plans,
  • Name of the campaign you run,
  • Your custom parameter - useful if you prefer to track performance in a third-party app.

For that, we created an all-in-one Campaign Builder, available directly in your Partner App. All the parameters can be applied to your affiliate link for a better, more unified campaign tracking and higher conversion.

How does it work?

Your affiliate link includes a 120-day tracking cookie. This means that whenever visitors click on a link with your unique Partner ID, you will be credited with the referral - if only they create LiveChat license within 120 days.

Important: LiveChat Affiliate Program applies the last click attribution model. It means the ‘last click’ is given a credit for sales or conversion.

In other words, if a customer visits LiveChat website multiple times - using various affiliate links - we’ll pay commission to the owner of the last link, a customer clicked on before signing up.

Affiliate commission

In LiveChat Affiliate Program, we offer a fixed 20% recurring commission for a lifetime of every LiveChat subscription you help us sell. This means you’ll get a 20% commission of every payment made by customers you refer - for as long as their subscriptions are up and running.

Commission calculation - example

Let’s assume you refer a customer who signs up for a subscription worth $1,000 a month and pays on a monthly basis. Estimated lifetime of this particular subscription: 12 months.

The total commission you’ll earn for referring this customer: $2,400! ($1,000 X 20% commission rate X 12 months)

Among our clients, we have both Fortune 500 enterprises and tiny, one-person businesses. What’s most important for you as an Affiliate Partner is, that - once converted - LiveChat customers stay with us for years! In fact, the average lifetime of LiveChat subscriptions exceeds 12 months significantly, providing you with a stable passive income.

Commission withdrawal policy

You can withdraw your commission anytime once your earnings reach $50. Request withdrawals directly in the Partner App. Usually, it takes us only a couple of hours to confirm each transaction.


We found PayPal the most convenient for commission withdrawals. While you don’t have to connect your PayPal account during the signup, you have to input one if you want to withdraw your commission.


We provide lots of useful marketing resources such as banners, widgets, logos, and much more. All to make your campaigns more appealing and let you promote our solutions even more efficiently. Creatives are available directly in your Partner App (after you log in to it).

Affiliate Managers

Once you join our Partner Program, you’ll get one of our Affiliate Managers assigned to you. Expect us to reach out soon after you sign up. You can also contact us anytime via chat or email.

To check who your Affiliate Manager is and to contact them directly, log in to your Partner account:

Contact to your personal Partner Panager at LiveChat Partner Program

Partner Manager contact details are listed below his photograph. You can also click on the icon on the left side to start a chat or on the right to set up a call with them.

Any unobvious questions or cooperation ideas you have in mind? Get in touch with Pawel, the Partner Program’s Manager.

Results tracking

The Partner App allows you to monitor the results of your activity in real time. For that, we equipped it with a UTM-based Performance Report. The report tracks your affiliate links assigning utm_campaign and utm_term parameters:

  • utm_campaign stands for the name of campaign you create using Campaign Builder. It includes dynamic link parameters like the length of LiveChat trial and discount on LiveChat plans (if you’ve decided to apply them). If you’re promoting LiveChat using a basic affiliate link only, utm_campaign parameter applied will be marked as default_link.
  • utm_term represents keywords you tag your campaigns with. Paid search marketing experts often paste custom parameters generated by 3rd party tracking software they work with into this section.

Performance Report Dashboard Key Parameters UTM-based Performance Report’s key parameters

Use the UTM-based Performance Report to verify how efficient are your campaigns and methods of affiliate links sharing. It will help you optimize your conversion and boost your affiliate sales.

Second Tier

Second Tier is the extension of our Affiliate Marketing Program. We want to give our affiliates the opportunity to invite others to the Program and earn a 5% commission of all sales their referrals make. We have a wide-ranging database of marketing resources available for the partners, and each person gets a Partner Manager assigned. This way, you can be sure that the persons you’d invite to the Program will start earning as well.

What’s important is that it doesn’t matter which of the LiveChat pages you send people to as long as your referral links have the unique affiliate parameter. It’s added automatically when you copy them in the Partner App.

How to do that?

Visit your affiliate dashboard and copy the Second Tier Affiliate Link. Once your trials start coming in and turn into paid accounts, you’ll be able to see your results in the LiveChat Partner Program App. Use the top navigation to access it.

App Dashboard Overview

You can invite new partners to the Program by sharing the referral link directly or including it in any type of content you create (be it a newsletter, blog post, or a CPC campaign). To get your link, visit the Partner App and click on the ‘Copy’ button next to the link.


You’ll earn a 5% commission from every sale the person who registered through your Second Tier link help us get. You can have as many referrals as you want so the more partners you’ll bring on the more you’ll earn.

Withdrawal policy

Once your earnings reach $50, you can request a withdrawal directly from the Partner App. Remember that you need to connect your Paypal before requesting the earnings to be transferred to your account.


You can use banners, texts, tweets, and screenshots to promote the LiveChat Partner Program. All resources are available in the Partner App, and you can modify them to fit your campaigns.

Any questions or doubts? Ask us anything via chat or contact us at

LiveChat Solution Partner Program

At LiveChat Solution Partner Program, we team up with various businesses and professionals in search of common projects and mutual benefits.

Solution Partners add LiveChat subscriptions to the projects they run for their clients. As a thank you for helping us create new sales channels, we give Partners access to tools and solutions amplifying the growth of their businesses.

Program’s background

Here at LiveChat, our main goal has always been to make our product easy to implement and simple to customize for our clients. However, at a certain point we discovered a couple of issues that needed to be addressed:

  • Customers need extra support sometimes. Some of our clients kept on struggling with making the most of their subscriptions. They could enhance their experience only by applying tailor-made solutions we couldn’t deliver, like:

    • Developing custom integrations for customers’ specific needs and requirements,
    • Offering agents training,
    • Building custom applications only a fraction of customers would find useful.
  • LiveChat Experts are out there already! We notified that professionals from various industries have an in-depth knowledge of our product but it’s difficult for them to monetize it. Linking them with LiveChat clients would be extremely beneficial for both sides.

  • Recommending LiveChat to others? Benefit from it! Finally, we came to the conclusion that you deserve a reward if you’ve recommending our product to your customers. Moreover, you should have an option to manage clients’ subscriptions and add LiveChat-related solutions to the list of services you provide.

Business opportunities for LiveChat Solution Partners

There is a number of ways you can leverage cooperation within LiveChat Partner Program as a Solution Partner. You can for instance:

  • Apply LiveChat as a complementary product to projects you run/services you offer.
  • Become a value-added LiveChat reseller.
  • Enhance the ecosystem of LiveChat features or develop custom integrations for your customers.
  • Provide various services around LiveChat to optimize clients’ experience with our product.
  • Integrate LiveChat with mobile apps you create and charge customers for such services.
  • Become a LiveChat Expert and expose your business in front of over 26,000 of LiveChat customers and over 900,000 unique monthly visitors of the LiveChat website.

These are merely a few examples of partnerships utilized heavily in our Program. As a Solution Partner, you can benchmark any of them or implement an entirely new one.

To make things as convenient as it gets, Partners have access to a set of useful resources. Moreover, we equipped the Partner App with features you’ll find useful implementing any partnership idea you’ll come up with.


Aside from functionalities provided in the Partner App (described here), you get access to a wide range of additional benefits and valuable resources, including:

  • 20% discount on all LiveChat subscriptions purchased directly in the Partner App,
  • Free LiveChat subscription for internal use,
  • LiveChat Pitch Deck that you can use for presentations and training
  • Opportunity to get listed on the Experts Marketplace as a LiveChat Expert,
  • Case study/use case/ guest post publishing on the Partner Program’s website,
  • Certification validating your collaboration with LiveChat,
  • Early access to discounts, special offers,
  • …and more.

These are just standard benefits available for active Solution Partners. We are open to your ideas and we’ll happily support your efforts in optimizing your business opportunities in our Program.

Free LiveChat subscription for internal use

Yes! As a Partner, you can receive a free subscription for internal use! However, you should meet one basic requirement to make that happen.

We provide a free LiveChat license as a bonus solely for active Partners. Active Partners help us create new sales channels and refer at least 2-3 new clients every 3 months through their partner accounts.

No matter what model of cooperation you’ve implemented. Your performance is the only thing that counts.

What subscription can you get?

We can get you up to 2 seats in Team plan. However, if your sales figures impress us, we’ll be eager to get you even more!

How long will the free license last?

  • 2-3 new subscriptions in 3 months → free extension for 3 months,
  • 4 and more new subscriptions in 3 months → free extension for 6 months

How can you start?

  • Set up a LiveChat trial license (you can create an affiliate link with a 60-day trial Campaign Builder.
  • Reach out to us at once you start bringing us new customers. We’ll be happy to extend the license if your performance is good enough.

Businesses we team up with

In the Solution Partner Program, we cooperate with entrepreneurs such as:

  • Interactive agencies expanding their services onto LiveChat implementation and customization for their clients.
  • Shopify, Magento, Salesforce and Hubspot Partners, integrating LiveChat with e-commerce software they deploy.
  • Developers, creating e-commerce websites or extending LiveChat functionalities and monetizing their applications.
  • Booking software owners, applying LiveChat as an element of their product and applying LiveChat subscriptions.
  • Value-added software resellers.
  • …and many others.

Partner App - features useful for Solution Partners

As a Solution Partner, Partner App’s Solution Partner section is the most important for your daily activity. It enables you to:

  • Create LiveChat subscriptions for your clients directly in the Partner App (1.),
  • Manage payments for licenses created in the Partner App with a 20% discount on all purchases (2.),
  • Manage any billing-related changes your end client will request (3.).

solution create free trial and manage license View on the Partner App’s Solution Partner section

Solution Partners need to apply their credit cards to manage payments for their client’s licenses. However, this is an amazing edge and business opportunity for them.

Important: Clients using licenses created in this model have no access to any billing details. They are only aware what plan they use and how many seats they have.

On the left: billing details of regular LiveChat subscriptions. On the right: billing details of subscriptions created directly in the Partner App

Creating LiveChat subscriptions directly in the Partner App allows you to:

  • Set your own rates on LiveChat plans you deliver.
  • Bundle payments for LiveChat within one invoice - along with other services you provide to your customers.

Solution Partners can, of course, use ‘Affiliate Partner’ mode as well. A full range of dashboard’s functionalities is available for all Partners signed up - regardless of the collaboration model they want to take advantage of.

Partner App - license creation process

To create a LiveChat trial license directly in the Partner App, you should:

  1. Go to the ‘Solution Partner’ section in your Partner App.
  2. Hit ‘Create a free trial’ button.
  3. Type client’s or your email(depending on who will be setting up and managing the account), name, and (optionally) the license identifier.
  4. Confirm trial license creation by hitting ‘Create a free license’ button once again.
  5. The trial license is ready!

Within a couple of minutes, your or your client will receive an invitation to set up a password and then - to install a LiveChat code on their website.

Solution Welcome Email Invitation email that end clients receive

Important: If you are responsible for setting the license, ask your client to skip the code installation step and add you as an Admin of the license. If not, let customers set up LiveChat by themselves. You can also set up the license using your own email and then add your customer as an Admin in LiveChat app.

Please note that one email can only be used to create one Admin account.

Being aware of how imperfect this solution is, we are currently working on creating a much simpler tool. It will give Solution Partners easy access to multiple clients’ licenses, and won’t require admin accounts creation anymore.

Stay tuned for updates!

Requirements: Becoming a Partner

You become a LiveChat Solution Partner right after you sign up to the LiveChat Partner Program. While no minimum level of LiveChat subscriptions’ sales is expected to keep partner account active, only active Partners can fully benefit from all Program’s perks and benefits, including getting listed on the Experts Marketplace and receiving free LiveChat subscriptions for internal use.

That said, your partner account will never be deleted, unless:

  • You request account removal,
  • Your activity in LiveChat Partner Program will violate Program’s Terms and Conditions.

LiveChat Experts Marketplace

LiveChat Experts Marketplace is a space where LiveChat Partners can expose their professional background and offer their services to over 26,000 LiveChat paying customers and over 900,000 unique visitors of the LiveChat website.

LiveChat Partners vs. LiveChat Experts

LiveChat Experts are active Partners who applied for getting listed and whose applications we positively verified. That said, not all of LiveChat Solution Partners are Experts but all LiveChat Experts are our Partners.

How to become a LiveChat Expert

To get listed as a LiveChat Expert, you should:

  • Actively participate in the LiveChat Partner Program and have a few different projects to show off,
  • Fill in and request expert profile verification (directly in the Partner App).

If your profile meets our standards, we’ll verify and publish it within a couple of days. Otherwise, we’ll reach out with suggestions of improvements we find necessary to implement. Whenever we decline expert profile publication, we also provide partners with a detailed explanation of the reasons behind our decision and the conditions under which it can be repealed.

Once your profile gets approved, it appears in the Experts Marketplace straight away.

Make the most of it

Your profile will get listed on the LiveChat Expert Marketplace for at least 12 months. To keep it published, you should apply at least 1 new LiveChat subscription to projects you run every 12 months.

Important: Staying active in LiveChat Partner Program and driving sales through the Partner App is essential if you want to make the most of having your expert profile published.

The more new LiveChat subscriptions you help us sell, the higher your profile gets listed on the Marketplace. And the higher your expert profile is listed, the more highly targeted leads you get.

Partner Program Terms