How to earn with LiveChat

In this segment, we want you to learn about various methods of promoting LiveChat that both us and our best Partners found efficient over the years. Whether you’ll benchmark them or not - that’s entirely up to you.

Promote LiveChat as an Affiliate Partner

Create valuable content

What works best? From our Partners’ experience: writing top-notch product reviews! Prepare comprehensive and trustworthy product reviews and comparisons that will interest visitors. Highlight the most relevant LiveChat benefits and help readers understand how can our product make their online activity better.

Feel free to take this idea to the whole new level and create your own product review/ product comparison website. They usually work like a charm! The most important is to create valuable content and optimize it for specific keywords you want to target. A comprehensive SEO strategy is the key to your success.

Publish LiveChat ads or signup widgets

You run a website or a blog of your own? Monetize traffic you generated by publishing LiveChat promo banners and signup widgets with your affiliate link applied. You’ll find all the necessary resources directly in your Partner Panel.

Manage paid search campaigns

Marketing experts know exactly how it works. All you have to do is to create various campaigns for different channels and verify which is performing best for you.

Once you get an understanding which channels and campaigns perform best, allocate your budget accordingly.

Try applying discounts and special deals on LiveChat plans (using Campaign Builder, available directly in Partner Panel) to encourage more people to sign up. Our partners found this method useful in boosting their conversion rates.

Oh, and don’t forget about bid adjustment. It can be done on many levels:

  • Keywords
  • Device,
  • Hour of day,
  • Location,
  • Audiences, etc.

Important: Be very careful with what keywords you direct the traffic on. Promotion of simple ‘live chat’ and ‘chat’ phrases will probably result in lots of impressions and clicks but relatively small conversion. People tend to seek for chat solutions that are (cough!) …slightly less business oriented than ours. ;)

Direct traffic to our website and track the efficiency of your campaigns using a UTM-based Performance Report, located directly in Partner Panel.

Prefer to track your performance using third party software? Feel free make use of UTM_term to place your custom param.

Promote LiveChat on Social Media.

The importance of social media channels use in affiliate marketing has been growing significantly over the past few years. Take advantage of your social presence to promote LiveChat among your followers.

Add a ‘Partner Deals’ directory to your site

Is traffic on your website literally striking? Capitalize on your success and create a partner directory with exclusive offers for your site visitors! Offer discounted plans on LiveChat - as your recommended solution - and encourage visitors to give it a try!

Want to get a good deal for your website visitors? Contact us and let’s set up a dedicated offer on LiveChat!

Leverage Email Marketing

This method of sharing affiliate links is especially efficient! Build up your email lists and create direct email campaigns for your subscribers.

Just don’t forget to identify your audience and make your messages as personal as possible. This is crucial for your success!

Email marketers often experiment with different offers to check which of them subscribers find attractive. What usually works best for email marketers that we team up with is emphasizing how can businesses benefit from using LiveChat. Real life examples and specific use cases (find them here) are especially valuable for potential customers.

Also, people just love discounts and special deals! Let them enjoy LiveChat on special terms by creating campaigns offering discounted LiveChat plans.

Need more tips on how to optimize your email campaign? You’ll find lots on our blog. And don’t hesitate to reach out for a dedicated offer on LiveChat for your subscribers.

Manage Projects as a Solution Partner:

Apply LiveChat to Projects you run or services you offer

Offer LiveChat implementation to websites you build or services you provide. Make it an element of your complex offer! Create custom solutions and let your clients enjoy LiveChat to fullest.

How to monetize it?

  • Use ‘Resellers’ mode in Partner Panel to set up and customize clients subscriptions according to their needs.
  • Extend LiveChat features using Agent App Extension.
  • Set your own rates for LiveChat and bundle payments with other services you provide.

Build Individual Integration

Build custom solutions linking LiveChat to your client’s software. Make use of webhooks which immediately notify clients LiveChat subscription about particular events occurring in their software.

How to monetize it?

  • Charge extra for both your hard work and the use of our product.

Embed LiveChat in mobile apps

Embed LiveChat widget in mobile apps you create. Users of apps will be able to provide support straight from your applications.

How to monetize it?

  • Add embedding live chat support in mobile apps to your offer. Charge clients for implementing such solutions.
  • If you own the app, consider charging extra for live support by hiding this feature behind premium (paid) version of your application.
  • Apply a button (containing your affiliate link) that will direct users to LiveChat. Get commission for every sales you help us make.

Offer business advisory

LiveChat is a perfect addition to every online business. Use our promotional materials to learn how valuable it can be. Persuade customers LiveChat uniqueness.

Build better integrations to ours

We built dedicated integrations with over 90 apps. They’re quite good but maybe you can make yours much better! If so, feel free to connect LiveChat with popular platforms like Wordpress, Hubspot, Salesforce, Shopify and Prestashop and sell your plugin to clients.

How to monetize it?

  • Publish your integration on open markets and charge users for it.
  • Apply affiliate links to your plugin and get commission out of every client you help us get.

Create something new

There are many popular solutions, we still didn’t integrate with. Develop specific integrations and we will publish it in integrations section.

Create apps using LiveChat Developer Console

Build extraordinary add-ons, plugins or other LiveChat-related solutions our documentation allows you to. All within The Developer Console.

How to monetize it?

  • Publish apps on LiveChat App Marketplace and any other open market you want to
  • Apply affiliate links to your solutions so that clients could sign up for LiveChat from whatever you created. This way, you’ll get a fixed 20% recurring commission for each LiveChat subscription you help us sell.

Build BPO business with LiveChat

Live chat nowadays is the most popular and efficient way of online communication. To take the best out of LiveChat support it is important to have well skilled people behind it. Use our knowledge and build a strong team of experts. Learn how to build a successful outsourcing business from The Chat Shop here.

Get listed on LiveChat Experts Marketplace

Acquire quality leads for your company from our clients and visitors. As a LiveChat Expert, you will also get a badge confirming your association with our company.

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