Develop custom solutions within or with LiveChat

Agent App Extension

Build a web based application and load it in the LiveChat agent app. It will be displayed in the Agent’s App sidebar and all agents can interact with it.

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Integration with LiveChat

Use webhooks to interact with LiveChat and extend its functionalities. Check out which data you can transfer inside or outside the application. Your integration can be listed at our Integrations section.

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LiveChat widget for mobile app

Implement LiveChat widget in the mobile applications. This will allow your customers to provide support straight from the app. See how it can be done for Android and iOS based apps.

Android widget → iOS widget →

LiveChat API allows you to create even more advanced projects. Explore it to see how you can meet your customer's needs and create amazing projects.

JS API for Chat Widget

Interact with the chat widget and affect how it will be displayed on your customer’s websites. This advanced customization allows you also to get some basic visitor statistics.

Visitor SDK

Explore advanced capabilities of LiveChat widget or even create one yourself.

Visitor SDK →

To create your own solutions and manage them use Developers Console. Easy management and clear interface allows you to work smarter and overview all your projects.

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