Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a LiveChat Partner?

Applying to the LiveChat Partner Program is simple, free and requires no technical knowledge.
All you need to do is to sign up for an account. You will immediately gain access to your panel and marketing materials.


How much does the partner account cost?

Partner accounts are completely free. There are no strings attached. You can start or stop promoting LiveChat whenever you like.


What’s the difference between an affiliate and a reseller?

As an affiliate, you get 20% commission off every payment made by clients who registered using your referral link. All you have to do is to promote LiveChat. You won’t be required to maintain the accounts. You will have no control over the licenses and their billing.
Become an affiliate if you simply want to send us referrals without having to interact with customers.
As a reseller, you can market LiveChat on your own terms. You set the rate and control the payments yourself. We give you 20 percent discount on all your purchases. You decide what price your clients will pay. Becoming a reseller requires more effort but you have full control over the billing of clients’ licenses.
Become a reseller if you want to set the price and maintain the licenses yourself.


I’d like to become an affiliate and a reseller. Do I need two separate accounts?

No, both options are available with one Partner account.


I don’t want to be responsible for payments but I want to recommend and implement LiveChat. Which option should I choose?

You can create the license yourself using your referral link, implement LiveChat on a customer’s site and then cede ownership to the client. Alternatively, you can ask the client to create a license using your link and then add you as an Administrator.


How do I cancel my partner account?

You need to contact our Partner Program Manager at


I prefer to work with you via the affiliate network instead of signing up for your in-house partner program. Is it possible?

Yes, we have teamed up with ShareASale.


I have more questions. Who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please contact Pawel, our Partner Program Manager at