LiveChat Partner Program Guide

Join LiveChat Partner Program and earn a recurring commission as an affiliate or get a discount on all purchases and resell LiveChat at your own rate. This partner program guide aims to introduce some of the the key aspects of our LiveChat Program’s activity.

Few tips to start with ease

Becoming a member of LiveChat Partner Program takes only a couple of minutes and can bring you a nice flow of steady and recurring revenue. However, you are about to help us sell B2B software. That’s not necessarily a product, specificity of which is a common knowledge.

That is why we have few basic tips that should help you start your journey with LiveChat:

  • Get to know the product. It’s much easier to sell a product or service when you’ve been using it and can speak from your own experience. Test LiveChat yourself!  Remember that you don’t have to be a LiveChat customer to have a Partner account.
  • Choose your target groups. LiveChat is ideal for small and medium businesses. Think about your customers who serve their customers via phone or email. Your new communication channel suggestion might be exactly what they are looking for.
  • Try various strategies to reach your target groups. Be open to new things while promoting your LiveChat. Consider what features LiveChat is equipped with and how can they help your target audience.
  • Set a realistic goal. Don’t discouraged yourself from making mistakes. Obviously, getting to know the product takes time. So does testing various campaigns and creating valuable presale content, in fact.  That’s why you should give yourself a while to figure it all out. Sometimes, a small change in a campaign like changing keywords can bring better results.
  • Focus on quality of your referrals over quantity. Sometimes, one large LiveChat license can generate a significant commission (there are hundreds of licenses worth more than $1,000/month ). Therefore, it’s definitely worth taking additional effort and creating a complex strategy, instead of just sharing info about our product randomly. That will probably be a waste of your time.

Partner Program Guide: AFFILIATES

Understanding core affiliate marketing concepts

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing activity. As an affiliate marketer, you get compensated by a merchant (LiveChat) for every qualified action generated by your referrals (clients). Working in LiveChat Partner Program is entirely free. Being an affiliate, you do not own the product or the service you promote. Moreover, you don’t have to process the payments and you are not responsible for the support.

Affiliate marketing is best for:

  • content-driven website owners,
  • online marketers,
  • social media experts,
  • web developers.

Meanwhile, the most profitable methods of gaining referrals in affiliate marketing are:

  • PPC: The use of Google Adwords / Adsense on precisely targeted groups,
  • Creation of website/blog containing valuable presale content,
  • Sharing valuable content on social media,
  • Reviews/ comparisons website owners & writers.

Affiliate marketing is definitely for you if you want to utilize your online marketing skills but don’t want to handle payments yourself.

Getting started

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to monetize a large, targeted online audience. Especially with LiveChat Partner Program, which enables you to promote a proven, established product of a rapidly developing industry. To get started  straight away, simply add your affiliate link to your website for your visitors to sign up. Make sure that the link is attractive and stands out.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Place your affiliate link in your articles

Links work better when they look natural. You can mention LiveChat in an article about best practices in customer service or a must-have software for online businesses. Focus on product benefits that resonate with your readers. Don’t simply list the features. Show what’s in it for them. Do a product review. They work great for affiliate offers. If you want to learn more about preparing a review, check out our guide on writing product reviews.

You can use ready-made screenshots from the affiliate panel in your reviews.

  • Send newsletters

Newsletters help you stay in touch with your customers. Let your clients know about coming deals, new products, upgrades or new blog posts. You can advertise the free 30-day LiveChat trial to gain more referrals. Remember to send newsletters only to subscribed users. Otherwise your message can be considered as spam.

Make your offers fit seamlessly into your newsletters. Deep linking to LiveChat is allowed. You can direct the readers to the most relevant article on our website. Simply add your partner ID at the end (/?a=yourpartnerid).

  • Place banners on your website

We’ve got ready-to-use banners in various sizes and colors. You can find them in your Partner Program’s Panel. Pick one that fits your website best, attach the code with your unique campaign and start promoting!

partner program guide

You may have heard of the term “banner blindness” coined by Benway and Lane. It is a phenomenon in web usability whereby website users consciously or unconsciously ignore or skip banner advertisements, no matter how flashy they are. Because of the overwhelming amount of information people are less capable of comprehending all information presented to them.

Do not put a banner in the top-right corner of the website or the right sidebar. Your website visitors will consider it a straight-up ad.

Less is more. Don’t insert too many banners on your website. Let users focus on one subject instead. Also, don’t hesitate to add your comment to the displayed banner. This way you’ll show the user you personally recommend it.

  • Build an integration with LiveChat

You can generate a lot of leads by creating an integration with third-party software.  Custom LiveChat integrations can be made using LiveChat’s API.

You can place your referral link in the integrations’ description. Make sure to mention that LiveChat license is required and that people can sign up for it using your link.


As a LiveChat Affiliate Marketing Professional, you get a 20% in recurring commission for each payment a customer makes, for the lifetime of that customer. All you need to do is to make sure that a potential customer signs up from your referral link. You can request to be paid via PayPal once your earnings reach $50.

LiveChat Affiliate program

For example:
If your customer chooses two seats in a Team Plan and decides to pay monthly, you will receive $15.60 every month, which is 20%*(2*$39)=$15.60. If your referral makes an upgrade or adds extra seats, we’ll happily pay you more as well. In this case each time a client adds a new seat, you will get extra $7.8.

The average length of LiveChat paid licenses exceeds 2.5 years!

There is no limit to the number of people you refer or earnings you can get. As long as you have a partner account with us, your referrals will be assigned to you for a lifetime (for example even if your referral cancels the license but decides to reactivate it, it will be still under your account).

Monitor results

To provide you with a handy way to track all your online marketing efforts, we’ve introduced the Performance Report, based on Google’s UTM codes comes. Thanks to its features, you can easily create campaigns and verify which of them is the most efficient.

When you choose a creative that you’d you like to use, you can add your own utm_campaign (campaign name) to identify a specific product promotion or strategic campaign and utm_term (keywords). Additional parameters such as medium (eg. banner or screenshot) and creative version are automatically added to the link.

Customize your campaigns to offer unique deals

Recently, we introduced a set of new features in Partner Program’s Panel, enabling you to customize your offering and differentiate it from what we regularly give our customers LiveChat.

From now on, you can extend the length of a free trial period you offer (up to 60 days!) and attach special discount ($10 credit for a good start) to encourage potential customers to sign up using your affiliate particularly.

campaign builder new feature

The customization process itself is extremely easy. To make it as convenient as it gets we created a special campaign builder, enabling you to create unique campaigns in the blink of an eye and with no need of any coding skills.

Partner Program Guide: RESELLERS

Basic assumptions of LiveChat Reseller Program

With the reseller model you actually resell the product and have financial control over all your accounts. In fact, reseller program enables you to bill your clients for the product at whatever rate you wish.

What’s the most important, you don’t use referral links like in affiliate model. Instead, you create, purchase, and manage your own licenses in your Partner Program’s Panel and then charge your customers for them. We are happy to give you 20% discount on each license you purchase as our software reseller.

We are sure that representatives of at least several specific industries and professions can benefit greatly being active in this model.

Becoming LiveChat reseller gives you the opportunity to tighten relations with your customers. You can for instance:

  • Provide a complex LiveChat outsourcing for your customers and benefit from that additionally,
  • Offer LiveChat as a complementary element of your offer (that’s what digital agencies creating ecommerce websites do),
  • Add an extra-value by implementing LiveChat on customer’s website or offering agents’ training.

How much can I earn?

As a reseller, you can market LiveChat on your own terms. That means, we cannot establish how much exactly will you earn here in Partner Program Guide. In fact, that’s entirely up to you.It’s your duty to charge your clients and control the payments.

Within LiveChat Partner Program we give you a 20 percent discount on all your purchases. Moreover, we don’t dwell into your relations with your customers and are not involved into payment process whatsoever.

Being a reseller clearly requires more effort but you have full control over the billing of clients’ licenses. Your customers won’t be allowed to see the payment details and change the plan or number of seats directly in LiveChat. They will have to contact you for any subscription-related changes.

Add new licenses

First of all, you can add and manage licenses directly in your Partner Program’s Panel (‘Resellers’ section). All you need to provide, is the full name and email address of your referral. We will inform your referral via email that a new license has been created under his/her name. We’ll also ask him to confirm the account, to keep the formalities intact.

reseller program

Important insights:
  • Your clients can start straight away with a free trial. Even if you attach your card, we will not charge you during the trial period.
  • If you provide your client’s email address when creating license, you will gain an access only to the billing page from your Partner Program’s Panel. If you want to access other license settings, please ask your client to add you as an Admin.
  • You can also create a license under your name to get an immediate access to the license settings.
  • It’s even possible for you to change the ownership of the license at any time without losing the control of the financial part.

As silly as it may sound, we’d like to remind you to create accounts only for third parties that agreed to having LiveChat onboard.


Hopefully, Partner Program Guide will help you understand how can you benefit from working with us – either as an affiliate marketing professional or a reseller of our software. Still, I’m entirely aware that you might have tons of detailed questions related to it. You might find answers to some of them in our FAQ section.

Anyway, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at LiveChat Partner Program team is all about making our Partners lives easier.

For more of a product-related informations, feel free to chat with our Support Team as well. They are available 24/7/365!