Solution Partner Program

The Solution Partner Program is all about creating additional value around our product and discovering your way of monetizing your input.

It’s the alternative to affiliate model, where partners can directly create and purchase (with 20% discount) LiveChat licenses for their customers. Then, they can either resell them to customers with their own markup on top, or include LiveChat and services they provide in their bundled offer.

This model is usually used by entrepreneurs such as:

  • Agencies including LiveChat into their business offerings
  • Shopify, Magento, Salesforce and Hubspot Partners, integrating LiveChat with e-commerce stores they deploy for their clients.
  • Developers, creating websites with LiveChat on board or extending LiveChat functionalities.
  • Product owners, applying LiveChat as an element of their solutions
  • Value-added software resellers.
  • …and many others.
Partner Program Terms