Setting up licenses for your clients

To create a LiveChat trial license directly in the Partner App, you should:

  1. Go to the ‘Solution Partner’ section in your Partner App.
  2. Hit ‘Create a free trial’ button.
  3. Fill in the fields with the relevant data
  4. Confirm trial license creation by hitting ‘Create a free license’ button once again.
  5. The trial license is ready!

create free trial Trial creator in Solution Partner section

Within a couple of minutes, we’ll send an invitation to start using LiveChat to the email you provided when creating a trial.

solution welcome email Invitation email that end clients receive

Important: If you are responsible for setting the license, ask your client to skip the code installation step and add you as an Admin of the license. You can also set up the license using your own email and then add your customer as an Admin in the LiveChat app.

One email account can only be used once in LiveChat.

Being aware of how imperfect this solution is, we are currently working on creating a much simpler tool. It will give Solution Partners easy access to multiple clients’ licenses, and won’t require admin accounts creation anymore. Stay tuned for updates!

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