Your first steps as a Solution Partner

Here are a couple of tips on where (and how) to start your journey as a LiveChat Solution Partner:

  1. Create a test LiveChat trial under Partner App’s Solution Partner section. Setting up a license is quite simple and going through the process yourself will help you become more familiar with our application and the product itself. It will also allow you to assess how to implement this particular scenario into your unique business environment.

    solution partner dashboard create trial

  2. Get in touch with your Partner Manager. Knowing that every case and every partnership idea is specific, we try to be available whenever partners need us to explain something or point them in the right direction.

    Each and every partner has a Partner Manager assigned to their account. They can walk you through the license reselling process, advice on expanding your offering or explain the details of building up your business with LiveChat. You can find their contact details directly in the Partner App.

  3. Download the LiveChat Pitch Deck. The Pitch Deck is a handy tool to use during product presentations and training. It will help you not only show your customers the value of using our product but also land new ones as you convince them to give LiveChat a try.

Partner Program Terms