Who is LiveChat Software Reseller Program Really for?

software reseller program

Aside from affiliate and expert models of cooperation with our Partners, we also foster the development of a software reseller program here at LiveChat. While becoming our reseller is not mutually exclusive with being active either as an affiliate or an expert, it does require a whole different approach.

What does it mean to be a LiveChat software reseller

Our resellers are obliged to manage all the payments themselves but can also set their own rates. We actually give a 20% discount on all purchases they make while they can charge their customers as high as they consider appropriate.

Most importantly, neither are we involved in resellers’ sales process, nor we give final users the access to any payments-related info. When necessary, they have to reach out to resellers managing their subscription to adjust licenses they purchased.

Resellers across various professions

The specificity of LiveChat Partner Program and all the success stories of our current partners, both made it possible for us to establish that representatives of the following industries and professions should find working in reseller model extremely beneficial:

1. Web developers and web designers of ecommerce websites

Web designers and developers seem a perfect match for the reseller program that we run. Ultimately, they create ecommerce websites that need such tools like LiveChat to optimize their customer support and boost their sales. Can any partnership be more obvious than this one?

In fact, the majority of web developers and web designers that are currently active in LiveChat Partner Program, not only recommend our software but also care for its proper installation and precise customization. Hence, the most successful resellers offer LiveChat as a complementary product of their complex offering.

Aside from all the important features LiveChat is equipped with, its dedicated and super convenient integration with WordPress is considered a key selling point for many of web developers’ customers.

2. Conversion optimization experts

If the area of your expertise is ecommerce stores’ conversion optimization, you probably do recommend using LiveChat already. How about taking this cooperation to a whole new level? LiveChat Software Reseller Program is tailored exactly to work with entrepreneurs like you.

Ecommerce-oriented customer support tools like ours are known for their sales enhancing features. Properly used, they can significantly lower cart abandonment rates and provide users with a priceless business intelligence, whey would never get access to otherwise.

By offering LiveChat installation and proper customization you can boost your customers’ sales even more and create an additional flow of recurring income for yourself at the same time.

cart abandonment

3. Lead generation agencies

LiveChat is not only a thorough and well-established chat software. One of it’s amazing but lesser known additional features is the ability of generating valuable leads with ease. That is why all the lead generation experts fit our software reseller program perfectly. They are the ones who have all the authority to explain what sales-oriented benefits can LiveChat bring business’ owners.

4. Call centers / Chat outsourcing companies

Chat outsourcing is the next big thing in customer service. With the rapid growth of the importance of live chatting throughout all industries, more and more call centers update their profiles and adjust to new market expectations.

And that’s great!

Not only can we offer 20% discount for every license they purchase but we’d also be thrilled if they became certified LiveChat Experts. After all, more exposure and more leads never hurt anyone.

5. Social media agencies

Social media agencies can promote LiveChat by taking advantage of a set of dedicated social media integrations, enhancing its capabilities even more. Working seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, LiveChat becomes an amazing source of new leads, likes, and followers. It helps brands invigorate their identity and reach their customers proactively.

All these abilities turn LiveChat into an amazing tool enhancing companies’ social media and communication strategies. By becoming partners of our software reseller program, Social Media agencies can provide their customers with extremely useful product and earn on a side simultaneously.  That’s definitely a step in a right direction.

6. Interactive agencies and SEO / PPC experts

Similarly to some of other resellers, you can offer LiveChat as a complementary product to your complex offering. However, having an advanced SEO and Adwords/Adsense know-how onboard, you can try an alternative model of partnership and promote your affiliate links in precisely targeted campaigns.

7. Ecommerce platforms partners and experts

Do you provide your services within one the following ecommerce platforms:

  • Shopify,
  • Bigcommerce,
  • Woocommerce,
  • Ecwid,
  • Magento,
  • Wix,
  • XCart?

If so, that’s just perfect!

You are exactly the one we are looking for! Join LiveChat reseller program and recommend our software to your customers. Its dedicated integrations with all of the aforementioned platforms make it a perfect choice for entrepreneurs who based their online businesses on them.

LiveChat Partners: the ultimate software reseller program

As you can see, there are various industries and professions that we build long lasting partnerships with in LiveChat reseller program. LiveChat’s an established and well known product so you don’t have to think twice recommending it to your customers.

All in all, our partner program clearly creates a win-win situation for all the parties involved in it.

While we will gain new customers, you can benefit from it directly and generate an additional flow of income. Finally, your customers will be provided with the best product in its category (according to major software review websites, like GetApp, Capterra and G2Crowd) that they need and will definitely appreciate using.

Photos courtesy of Women of Color in Tech and Dan DeLuca via Creative Commons.